Mr & Mrs Gren

Mr & Mrs Gren was published in 2011 as part of a short residency at The Exchange Gallery. The book was hand printed and bound by us in a pop up studio in the gallery space, where visitors were able to watch the various processes involved and talk to us about the project, our concepts and methods.

Based on a mnemonic (m.r.s.g.r.e.n.) we used at school for remembering the defining features of 'living things', the book is a combined scientific and poetic exploration of what it is to be alive, and what it is to feel alive. Across two chapters, Walter and Vivienne meet and fall in love. The narrative connects their shared life, equally reflecting the nuances that make each individual, and  contemplates the specific traits that fulfil us as living things.

The book is silkscreen and letterpress printed in an edition of 40 on heavyweight cartridge paper, has a grey cloth cover and silver fastener with a grey slip.